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ANDRO-COMPLEXX (TM) was specifically designed to increase sports and sexual performance.

Sexual performance is often affected by decreased blood inflow. ANDRO-COMPLEXX (TM) Increases blood inflow through two different mechanisms.

1. Arginine: Clinical research has shown that this amino acid taken in doses of 2 to 4 grams daily can greatly increase levels of NO (nitrous oxide), a chemical shown to be vital in the erectile process.

2. Yohimbe Extract: A natural substance that acts by increasing cholinergic activity, which can increase blood inflow and decrease outflow. Although still unapproved for this use, yohimbe,in its isolated form, is frequently prescribed for impotence.

Sexual desire and sports performance in men is dependent on testosterone levels. Unfortunately, testosterone replacement is available by prescription only. Precursors, however, are readily available and can be converted to testosterone in the body. ANDRO-COMPLEX (TM) contains precursors and other substances that increase testosterone levels via several independent pathways.

1. Androstenedione: An immediate precursor to testosterone that can elevate testosterone levels as much as 140-183% from a 50mg dose and 211-237% from a 100mg dose.

2. DHEA: A secondary precursor, which converts to androstenedione and then to testosterone.

3. Indole-3-Carbinole: Elevates "free" testosterone levels by decreasing the amount of carrier protein and converts estrogen to water-soluble metabolites. These metabolites are easily eliminated by the body, thus improving the T/E ratio.

4. Tribulus Terrestis: A natural herb that mimics the effect of Leutinizing Hormone (LH). LH directly stimulates the Leydig cells of the testes to produce testosterone.

5. Saw Palmetto: A well known inhibitor of the enzyme responsible for the conversion of testosterone to DHT in the liver and prostate. This also raises testosterone levels.

ANDRO-COMPLEXX (TM) improves sexual performance through the arginine and yohimbe. Increasing testosterone levels enhances sexual desire and sports performance. This is accomplished through several different independent processes. Higher testosterone levels equate to increased protein synthesis and muscle mass as well as reduced recovery times from workouts.


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